Raddl Cost-Per-Review Analysis

Your CPR is what-now?!?

Not with Raddl! We drop your Cost-Per-Review dramatically by converting product costs into product revenue.

Building a base of consumer product reviews is hard. It’s also expensive. So, we asked ourselves:

  • What if we could eliminate the hard-cost headaches associated with product review seeding?
  • What if there was a way to stand apart from traditional eCommerce platforms?
  • What if there was a way to truly shake things up?

Then, we figured it out and created…. Raddl.

  • Raddl connects companies to their core consumers by offering wholesale pricing on products, in exchange for a real product review.
  • The consumer gets a great deal on a quality product.
  • The company converts their product costs into product revenue…. dramatically dropping their cost-per-review.
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Why Raddl for Business?

ZERO Dollar Product Costs

Raddl consumer purchases cover the hard costs that often go hand-in-hand with other product review seeding programs.

Paid Brand Promotion Included

Not only does Raddl help you grow your review base, but included in our setup fee is paid digital advertisng and social promotion.

Core Consumer Feedback

Our Raddl Report Card delivers both consumer and non-consumer facing feedback to help improve your product offerings.

How it works


Product Setup and Paid Promotion

You provide the product assets, we set up your Raddl Product Page page, and then we promote it with PAID DIGTIAL ADVERTSING.


Raddl Members Buy Your Product

Members purchase your product at MSRP via drop ship with the understanding their exclusive ShopRaddl.com discount will be reimbursed to them once their Honest & True Raddl Review is provided.


Raddl Members Review Your Product

Reviews are submitted within 10-14 days after the Raddl memeber receives their product. All Honest & True Raddl Reviews are verified before posting LIVE on ShopRaddl.com. Review can also be provided for you to feature on your website.


Your Custom Raddl Report Card

In addition to the traditional information supplied in a consumer product review, our Raddl Report Card also delivers key insight and core consumer "wish-list" feedback about your product.