1080p HD Baby Camera with Floor Stand

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The most awarded, connected baby monitor and app on the market. Use your Nanit data to support your baby’s wellness, and get your best rest.

  • 1 FREE year of Nanit Insights (personalized sleep-tracking analytics)
  • 1080p HD video overhead view
  • Sensor-free Breathing Band (0-3 months)
  • Sound and motion alerts
  • Split screen viewing option
  • Adjustable Floor Stand with 2 different height settings
  • Improved durability and stability
  • ASTM Certified

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  • February 13, 2024
  • Jeffrey T Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
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Great baby camera for any parent!

This camera is a great camera for any parent, new or old. This camera stand set is a new design, which I believe to be an upgrade from the old tripod design. It’s much more stable and leaves less of a footprint. The base is heavy and solid, which you want it to be to be able to prevent tipping of the camera. The stand itself feels of a lightweight plastic, which is good for portability, but time will tell on durability. I also wish the 45-deg point of the stand was adjustable so we can have more flexibility in the angles of the camera when our child grows older. But I also do like some of the plastic tubing that runs the wire along the floor for a more clean look, and to prevent a trip hazard. Overall, a great thoughtful design.

The Nanit camera itself still use the plug-in design, which connects two power prongs, one USB-C for connection and one plastic hook type thing. It’s the same plastic hook thing that I have on my more portable Nanit stand, and on that stand the hook had somehow broke without falling or anything…so I’m not the biggest fan of the plastic design. Another reason is that my toddler sometimes grabs and shakes the stand, and the camera subsequently comes a little loose – never to the point of falling off, but to the point of losing the temperature/humidity monitoring.

I love the app features for Nanit. Being able to track when the baby gets put down, when he wakes up, how long he slept, and how many times he woke up and when is key to our sleep planning. I also love how Nanit tailors it’s tips on how to help our child sleep whenever it notices that he had a not-so-great sleep/nap. And lastly, I like the memory clips of our child. I would highly recommend Nanit as your go-to baby camera.

Product Specs

Product Weight ‎11.97 lbs. (including stand)
Product Dimensions 13.65" W x 20.25" D x 13.65" H

Additional Info

Weight (monitor only) 1.5 lbs.
Floor Stand Dimensions Maximum stand height 67 inches/short stand segment length 9.6 inches/long stand segment length 15 inches/stand base width 12 inches
Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz
Wireless Technology WiFi
Camera Security 256-bit AES encryption
Insurance HSA/FSA eligible
Compatibility iOS, Android, iPadOS, Apple Mac with M1 Chip, and Amazon Echo Show
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
  • How do I know if I should get my baby monitor with a floor stand or a small, portable, flexible stand?

    Consider your space and lifestyle. If mobility is key, opt for a portable, flexible stand baby monitor. For versatile positioning and stability, a floor stand baby monitor is ideal.

  • A baby monitor with a floor stand provides stability, convenience, and safety. It provides optimal viewing angles, secure placement, and because it is not mounted to a wall, it can easily be moved when needed.

  • Essential features to look for in a baby monitor would include key elements like high-resolution video quality, night vision, two-way audio, temperature monitoring, and mobile app compatibility.

  • Two of the top concerns for parents when purchasing a baby monitor is privacy and security. When considering baby monitors be sure it has at least 256 bit encryption, password protection, and secure Wi-Fi connections.

  • Video quality can vary from monitor to monitor, but most importantly the video needs to provide a clear view of your baby. High-resolution video is critical for night-time viewing, so make sure features like infrared or night vision are included.

  • When looking to optimize your baby monitor experience be sure the positioning of the camera provides a clear view of the crib and avoids any direct exposure to sunlight. Properly secure cords and wires to prevent any hazards. Regularly check and update the monitor's software and consider a baby monitor with mobile app integration for convenient remote monitoring.