Embrace Soft Air Mesh Baby Carrier

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The Embrace Soft Air Mesh Carrier merges the coziness of a soft wrap with the simplicity of a soft structured carrier- No complicated wrapping or tying involved!

  • Spreadable cross straps & supportive waist belt
  • Vented Back Panel
  • Made for newborns
  • Breastfeed in carrier
  • Ergonomic & Hip Healthy (M-position)
  • Cushioned Neck Support
  • Easy buckling without the frustration of wrapping or excess fabric
  • ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee

Raddl Report Card

5-Star Review Summary

(81% of Reviewers) The Embrace Soft Air Mesh Newborn Carrier is praised for its softness, comfort, and ease of use. The carrier provides support, breathability, and adjustability while also being lightweight. Users appreciate its ability to keep both the baby and themselves cool in hot weather. It is easy to put on and offers a secure and snug fit for newborns. The carrier’s ergonomic design and simple instructions are also well-received. Comparisons to other carriers highlight its superior comfort, ease of use, and support. Overall, the reviewers highly recommend the Embrace Soft Air Mesh Newborn Carrier as their preferred choice for newborns.

3-4 Star Review Summary

(19% of Reviewers) The Ergobaby Embrace Soft Air Mesh Newborn Carrier is praised for its softness, lightweight feel, and breathability. Some users struggled with the carrier’s stretchiness, compromising support. The carrier was deemed more suitable for smaller babies or those with longer torsos. Some reviewers had difficulty with the initial setup and found the shoulder straps prone to sliding up uncomfortably. However, the carrier was appreciated for its comfort, style, and compactness, fitting easily into a diaper bag. Overall, it is recommended considering individual preferences and baby size when choosing the carrier.

Quick Words

Adjustable Allows for multitasking Breathable mesh fabric Comfortable for both parent and baby compact and easy to carry Convenient distributes weight easy to clean Easy to follow instructions Easy to put on easy to store Even weight distribution fits a wide range of body types Hands-free Keeps baby and adult cool lightweight Provides good posture provides mobility Reduces back pain secure Soft Stretchy Suitable for newborns Suitable for warm weather supports baby's head/neck wide shoulder straps wide waist belt

Simple From The Start

The Embrace Soft Air Mesh is the sweetest way to stay connected to your newborn while you discover your new life together.

Soft, cool, and super cozy, this lightweight carrier gives you the structured support and simplicity of a baby carrier, plus a new fabric design with Aerated Pin-Dot Knit with Soft Air Mesh for breathability and comfort.

Made for newborns, the Embrace keeps you and your baby close as you find your new rhythm together with no complicated wrapping or tying involved.

3 Ways to Carry

The Embrace baby carrier has three modes you can use to carry baby ~ Newborn Mode(Facing In), Baby Mode (Facing In) and Baby Mode (Facing Out). Your baby’s height and developmental milestones will determine the best mode to use.

Innovative Fabric

Wicking fabric pulls sweat away from you and baby, drying quickly, keeping you both comfortable, cool, and dry.

Easy to use

No complex fabric tying involved; easy buckle waist belt & side buckles. Easily rolls and tucks into a diaper bag.

Vented back panel

Soft Air Mesh and vented back panels offer targeted breathability where it matters. Aerated Pin Dot Knit with Soft Air Mesh on the shoulders and back panel for maximum breathability and comfort.

Raddl Reviews

  • April 10, 2024
  • Michele C Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
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Easy to use!

We love how easy this is to use! We have the Solly and the Baby K’tan but this is what we reach for because newborns are not known for their patience! I can pick up my son after 5 seconds so it really is so simple! I know no product has this option but I wish there was a way newborns can look more in a baby carrier. My son is super curious and wants to see everything so sometimes the carrier isn’t easy he wants because it limits his views. Otherwise this is amazing!

Product Specs

Available Colors

Soft Grey Mesh

Product Weight 15 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎6.85 x 10.43 x 10 inches

Additional Info

Child Weight 7-25 lbs
Newborn Mode From birth (at least 7 lbs. and 20 inches) to 23 inches (around 2 months)
Baby Mode (Facing In) From 23 inches (around 2 months) and up to 25 lbs.
Baby Mode (Facing out) For babies with strong head and neck control and taller than 26 inches (around 5-6 months)
Waistbelt (padded part) 2.8" W x 22.4"
Waistbelt (webbing) 32.3"
Shoulder Straps 3.9" - 9.2"
Shoulder Straps (webbing) 21.2"
Use and Care Machine Washable
Warranty ErgoPromise Lifetime Guarantee
  • Can I breastfeed with the Embrace baby carrier? How does that work?

    Yes, as with all Ergobaby Carriers you can breastfeed while on the go. This can be done in the facing in carry positions. Just loosen the shoulder straps a bit and slightly lower baby to position on your breast. For safety, always stay seated when nursing in a carrier. Always stay vigilant while baby is nursing, and reposition after feeding, so baby’s face is not pressed against your body. Baby should be moved to recommended carrying position immediately after breastfeeding, remove slack from straps, and adjust.

  • Knowing which mode to carry baby in will depend on baby’s height and the developmental milestones they’ve hit. Newborns under 23 inches should be carried in the Newborn Mode – Facing In with the waistbelt flipped inwards twice.

    However, once they reach 23 inches, you can begin carrying in the ‘Baby Mode - Facing In’ and you no longer need to flip the waistbelt.

    As your baby grows older and can see above the front panel of the carrier, has strong head & neck control, and has a natural curiosity to see and interact with the world, they are ready for front-outward carry. We recommend starting with short durations (5-10 minutes) to prevent over-stimulation.

    Here are some signs that baby is becoming over-stimulated and ready to switch back to baby facing in mode:

    Baby seems tired, cranky, or fussy
    Baby is rubbing its eyes
    Baby is spreading fingers and toes, making fists
    Baby is laying hands in front of face
    Baby is ‘spacing out,’ sometimes baby will turn away and simply space out
    Baby is turning away again and again, trying to ‘switch off’
    If this all becomes too much for baby, baby may become drowsy
    Baby becomes hyper-vigilant (overly attentive). Instead of relaxed, baby’s body may stiffen
    If you notice these cues, we recommend switching baby to inward facing carry position and/or create a quiet, calm environment to help baby relax and recharge.

  • No. You should never carry your baby facing out until the following developmental milestones are met:

    Once they are over 26 in/66 cm
    Display good head and neck control
    Chin clears the back panel when in good positioning

  • The Embrace baby carrier allows parents to carry baby facing out with less strain on back and shoulders. However, parents will find that the baby facing in mode will be most comfortable for longer durations of carrying.

  • The waistbelt should be secured high and tight on the wearer's body. In the Newborn mode - Facing In, the waistbelt should be folded inwards twice. In the other modes, the waistbelt will be secured without any folding high along your torso and hang down like an apron. As reference, the product labels along the waistbelt should always be on the inside and the waistbelt buckle should always be facing out. We recommend browsing and watching the instruction videos for step by step instructions.

  • Always cross the shoulder straps with the Embrace baby carrier. In the Newborn mode - Facing In, spread the straps at the shoulders for additional head and neck support. In the Baby Mode (Facing In), spreading the straps at the shoulder is optional. When wearing baby in the Baby Mode - Facing Out position, do not spread the straps across your shoulder.

  • The baby carrier includes a padded head and neck support at the carrier’s neckline which should cover and support the head at mid-ear level. When securing baby into the carrier, pull the neck support up to mid-ear level before securing straps. This will ensure proper neck panel height. Next, rotate baby’s hips so baby's bum sinks deep into the carrier. To make sure the fabric around baby’s head and neck is taut and supported, spread the shoulder straps around your shoulders. Ensure the padded head and neck support remains in place around baby's mid-ear level.

  • After securing shoulder straps, always make sure baby's bum is evenly centered in the carrier. Reach inside the carrier and rotate baby's hips, sinking baby's bum deep into the carrier to encourage a comfortable C-shaped spine position. Make sure baby's knees are positioned higher than baby's bum for a proper spread-squat position (M-position). Finally, ensure the fabric under baby's thighs reach from knee to knee.