Caravan Coupe Quad Stroller/Wagon

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The Larktale caravan coupe Quad offers all the features of a full size 4-seater stroller/wagon, in a more nimble and compact package.

  • Quick and easy compact fold
  • Individually reclining seats
  • Adjustable handlebar with leatherette grip
  • Dual sun canopies with zippered extension
  • Drop-down footwell for stroller-style seating
  • No-Rethread 5-point safety harnesses
  • Full-Coverage rain cover
  • Peek-A-Boo window
  • Car seat compatible with adapter (sold separately)

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A Compact 4-Seat Game Changer

The Larktale Caravan Coupe Quad is a full-featured compact 4-seater stroller/wagon with the smallest folding footprint in its class. Suitable for children from 6 months to 48.5 lbs per seat, the caravan coupe will comfortably seat up to four growing kids with reclining seat backs and a shared drop-down footwell for comfortable stroller-style seating.

If you need space to haul cargo or let your little ones stretch their legs, you can securely invert the footwell to create a flat base interior to suit your needs. No tools are needed to complete the transition, making it easy for parents to change their strolling style on the fly.

Party Up To Four

Suitable for children from 6 months to 48.5 lbs per seat or 97 lbs per side, the Caravan Coupe Quad comfortably seats up to four growing kids. Its reclining seat backs and shared drop-down footwell allow for comfortable stroller-style seating.

Quick and Easy Fold

The Caravan Coupe Quad’s rear wheels are tucked inwards, creating an unexpectedly compact folded footprint. Clip the fold lock to keep the frame folded for transportation or storage.

Adaptable Interior

The Caravan Coupe Quad allows you to securely invert the footwell to create a flat seating position for cargo or to let passengers stretch their legs.

Smooth Ride

Large non-flat rubber wheels and an all-wheel suspension system provide a smooth and comfortable ride. The lockable swivel front wheels provide extra stability on uneven terrain.

So Much Storage

The Caravan Coupe Quad features a large storage basket that can be attached to either the front or the rear of the wagon. It also has an exterior seat back mesh pocket to store on-the-go essentials. Four mesh interior pockets keep your child’s snacks and toys within reach.

Raddl Reviews

  • July 3, 2024
  • Maddie D Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Child Comfort
Wagon Fold/Unfold
Product Functionality
Product Value
Product Quality

Perfect Quad Wagon

Replaced our two seater wagon when we had our third child, and this was the perfect choice. it’s big enough to fit all three kids plus a friend and still fit through the doorway. I only wish it could accommodate a newborn. We did order a grocery cart sling and I think that will do the trick.

  • June 24, 2024
  • Miranda R Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Child Comfort
Wagon Fold/Unfold
Product Functionality
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Product Quality

Converted from other big brand!!!

I like the ease of folding, the push, how quick it is to remove the wheels. Absolutely love the reclining seats!

  • June 18, 2024
  • Anna T Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Child Comfort
Wagon Fold/Unfold
Product Functionality
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Product Quality

We love our Larktale Caravan Coupe Quad!

After obsessively researching 4 seater wagons, I decided on the Caravan Coupe Quad, and I’m glad I did! Even my 11 year old is impressed with this wagon and loves to push his younger siblings around on our walks. This thing is a boat in a good way! As a mom of 6, it needed to be able to hold a lot of kids and a lot of stuff. The primary riders are a 9 month old and almost 4 year old twins, totaling 80 pounds. They are a breeze to push on all different terrains. When my almost 60 pound 6 year hops in, it’s a little more difficult, especially going uphill, but still doable. On smooth flat ground it’s not a problem. The canopies have great coverage and I love that they are vented and have a viewing flap. When all 4 are in, feet do overlap in the footwell but so far they haven’t complained. After not having a footwell in our previous wagon, they are loving having someplace to put their feet. I was pleasantly surprised it came with 3 different storage compartments. I love the parent caddy and that there is more than one way to attach the different compartments. My only negative is how heavy it is to lift into my van, but given that it seats 4, I didn’t expect it to be light. Thanks to this wagon we have been getting out for many family walks this summer and walking nearby places I would typically drive. I only wish I bought it sooner.

  • June 10, 2024
  • Taylor E Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Child Comfort
Wagon Fold/Unfold
Product Functionality
Product Value
Product Quality

Love it!

We have 2 kids and are expecting our third. We knew we needed a 4 seater. We have a 3.5 year old and 1.5 year old. It’s their favorite way to ride now. The extra storage in this thing is phenomenal. Front and back baskets. So many pockets, parent console. Set up was simple and so was folding it. My kids love it

  • May 14, 2024
  • Victoria R Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Child Comfort
Wagon Fold/Unfold
Product Functionality
Product Value
Product Quality

Exactly what I was hoping for!

I love my Larktale Caravan Coupe Quad! I had spent a while researching wagons before purchasing and this one has been exactly what I was looking for. 


  • I love the looks of the wagon. I have the black one and it looks so modern with the leather handle and sleek black design 
  • I love the footwell, it can be opened or easily closed using zippers.
  • It pushes well on multiple terrains. It works on blacktop as well as on my long gravel driveway and pushes smoothly on both. 
  • I was amazed at how compact it folds up. There are easy-release buttons to remove the wheels. So if the wagon is folded and the wheels removed it fits into the tiny trunk of my GMC Acadia. 
  • The foot break is easy to put on and off with a simply toggle that goes front or back. It’s much easier to use than the typical stroller design. 


  • Size. It’s just very big, which should be expected for a four seater wagon. It feels pretty wide and just overall large. As it’s so heavy! I can barely lift it in and out of my trunk, which is annoying. 
  • It can be a little difficult to maneuver and turn in areas that are not flat because it’s so heavy. 
  • In order to fold it up, you have to lay down both seats and unvelcro both sunshades, so there are multiple steps in order to fold it up. I wish it was just a simple fold up and down. 

It someone is looking for a 4 seater wagon, I would say- do your research. Larktale’s wagon lives up to their advertising with all the great features it brags about. But it is big and heavy, so definitely consider your vehicle size and your comfort level in lifting it. We have a toddler and newborn twins and we will be using this for years and years! 

  • May 19, 2024
  • Mara B Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Child Comfort
Wagon Fold/Unfold
Product Functionality
Product Value
Product Quality

Coupe Quad is crushing it!

I have been agonizing over buying a wagon for my children for over a year! That’s right. A YEAR! and I finally had to pull the trigger when my son was officially 10 lbs. over my double stroller weight limit. I Love to walk and needed something that would hold all three kids that was as easy (or close to since I am realistic and know it’s a wagon) to push as my beloved city mini double GT stroller but nothing was sounding perfect. The cost was my biggest deterrent and then was the size and weight! I mean jeez! I am strong and lift my 60 lb. 7-year-old, but a 63 lb. wagon that can’t help at all seemed impossible.

I was originally interested in the Larktale Caravan Quad because it is lighter weight, but once I was introduced to Raddl and saw the coupe quad I knew it was the one. The smaller profile, more compact design, and reviews on ease of push were it for me and I am NOT disappointed. It came one day earlier than anticipated and I put it together and took it for a ride right away. It pushed like a dream! It was a little more difficult to push with all three kids than it was with just one or two, but nowhere near as difficult as other larger wagons that seat four that I have tried. it was easy to assemble and even with three crazy kids running around me and grabbing pieces it only took about 20 minutes. It was packed well with pad to protect it and the quality of that actual product is top notch. There are a couple things that I would love to change because nothing is “perfect” but overall, it is the best wagon for me, and I am thrilled I made the decision to purchase it.


*My 7, 5, and 2-year-old fit great together

*Beautiful and compact design that still holds four children comfortably

*Well-made and sturdy material

*Much easier to maneuver than other four-seater wagons of this caliber

*Excellent price point!

*Folds easily

*Over 200lb. weight limit and 97 per side

*Love the foot well option

*Comes with accessories and a rain cover!

*Great sunshade coverage and they can be kept on when folding the wagon

*5 point harness is so easy to make larger or smaller compared to others I have tried

*INCREDIBLE value especially with Raddl


*You have to unclip the seats to fold the wagon. This literally takes me less than 5 seconds so it isn’t a huge deal, but I would prefer if you didn’t have to.

*While there are storage attachments that come with the wagon, they do not hold a lot of weight. The snack “tray” attachment is a little less structured than I would like, but it is nice to have as an option.

*For me, the brake is a little more difficult to get to with the parent console basket on the side with the handlebar, but it’s nothing major and still easy to access overall.

*I have not figured it out yet, but you somehow have to turn the buckles if you want one child to sit in the center of a seat and use the 5-point harness.

*This wagon is heavier than I would like, but it is still 10 lbs. less than other 4 seat models I considered

  • April 16, 2024
  • Abigail G Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Child Comfort
Wagon Fold/Unfold
Product Functionality
Product Value
Product Quality

Coupe Quad is a Winner

This is my 3rd larktale wagon so I think I have a good frame of reference. 

The coupe was already a great wagon so when I heard the coupe quad was coming out, I knew I had to try it. Shipping was quick, and upon arrival, the wagon was easy to assemble. I didn’t need any assistance to put it together and it was done in 20 minutes.


The coupe quad has the same great features that I already loved about the original coupe. It pushes just like a stroller would, and it turns corners incredibly easily. It offers extra room without compromising its promise of being compact. A few other great features is that you don’t have to remove the canopies to load the wagon up. Speaking of canopies, one issue I’ve had with other wagons is visibility when canopies are both in use and not in use. I’m 5’3 and can clearly see over the coupe quad canopies when they’re in use which makes taking the coupe quad out into public so nice. My oldest toddler is 39 inches tall and he still has so much space under the canopy so plenty of room to grow.

I was a little apprehensive to get this wagon due to the weight but I don’t think its that bad. It’s a different lift than other wagons, but its still incredibly compact.

The no rethread harness is a huge improvement to the coupe model. So is the addition of the storage basket. The parent storage is huge and fits a lot.

A few cons:

Although I don’t think its incredibly heavy, it will probably be a challenge to lift for some. The parent console on the quad Is huge but I do wish that the flap/closure covered more of  the console so that your belongings weren’t so exposed.

 The addition of the storage basket is great, and the fact that you can clip it on to the front or back is also great. However, the storage basket is shallow compared to the caravan model. Understandably its due to wagon height, but Just something to consider. The basket can also be removed a little too easily so I’ll be curious to see how it holds up with use and wear and tear over a period of time. The footwell zips up, but I wish the footwell closure was similar to the caravan closure in that it was a separate piece. The footwell material is a little stiff and can be a challenge to pull up to make it one flat surface area. The cupholder falls off easily, so I most likely won’t use it much. None of these are deal breakers and I am overall so happy with the Coupe Quad. The wagon is great quality at a great price point.

Product Specs

Available Colors

Byron Black, Gray/Black

Product Weight 54.3 lbs.
Product Dimensions 49.5 x 30 x 42.5 inches

Additional Info

Dimensions (folded) 38.5 x 30 x 18 inches
Usage Range Use from 6 months up to 48.5 lbs per seat or 97 lbs per side.
Newborn Options Car Seat Adapters available for Maxi Cosi, Nuna, and Clek infant car seats.
Total Weight Capacity 147 lbs
Handle Height (Lowest to Highest) 28 - 43 inches
Child's Max. Head Height: 23 inches
Included Stroller/Wagon Chassis, Sun Canopies, Stroller Organizer, Storage Console, Storage Basket, Cup Holder, Rain Cover
Warranty 2 Years
Use and Care Spot clean or remove fabric completely to hand-wash in mild detergent. Replace fabric on frame to air dry.