Metro+ Deluxe Compact City Stroller

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The Metro+ Deluxe takes compact comfort to the next level by adding everyday convenience and elevated style so you and your little one can look and feel your best wherever you go.

  • Upgraded materials for durability and luxurious appeal
  • Extra plush padding for all-around comfort
  • Easy and compact fold
  • Ergonomic seat and near-flat recline
  • Adjustable, leatherette handlebar
  • Expandable storage basket to hold more groceries, bags, and clothing
  • Newborn-Friendly in Newborn Nest Mode
  • Includes: Sunshade, Weather shield, Support Bar, and Cupholder.

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Compact Comfort. Elevated.

Made with premium fabrics and attention to detail,  the Metro+ Deluxe Compact City Stroller has everything a family needs in a comfortable, compact stroller and more.

It includes above-and-beyond features for everyday convenience, like an expandable storage basket, parent/child cup holder, and a support bar.

Whether in the city, at the park, or at the airport, travel with comfort, quality, and style without compromise.

Comfort All Around

Premium comfort for parents and littles: #1 most padded premium, ultra-compact stroller, adjustable handlebar, near flat recline, adjustable leg rest, and breathable back panel (when on recline).

Compact Fold

Small enough to fit in most airplane overhead bins, closets, and even the smallest cars, the Metro+ Deluxe Stroller easily folds into a small package, weighing 18.1 lbs.

More Storage

The expandable storage basket holds 22% more than the Metro+ storage basket – that’s more groceries, bags, and clothing you don’t have to carry! The basket also adjusts down to additional settings for open or closed storage.

Support Bar

Easily-attachable, vegan leather support bar provides little ones with something secure to hold onto while strolling. Folds with stroller without increasing folded size.

Moveable Cupholder

From water bottles to parent’s coffee mugs, this cupholder easily attaches wherever you need it — always in arms reach for you or your little one.

Raddl Reviews

  • June 4, 2024
  • Jessica D Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Child Comfort
Stroller Fold/Unfold
Product Features
Product Functionality
Product Quality

Great option for travel with some room for improvement

Overall I think this is a great stroller option for parents. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel with it yet, but have taken it around the bumpy roads and sidewalks near me and it held up well!


  • I really like how compact this stroller folds up into. Our other stroller is the uppababy vista so what a treat to have a stroller take up so little room!
  • The materials on it are really high end feeling and feel like they’ll hold up well over time
  • The sun shade comes down far which is really nice
  • The recline and bassinet feature are great for our 2 month old.
  • I love that it came with a cup holder and a rain cover. We purchased the stroller bag as well and now feel like we’re truly prepared for any situation!


  • The fold is a little clunky. Once I practiced a few times it got a lot easier but you have to slide something and press something at the same time, so one handed fold is likely not going to happen.
  • I wish the sun shade had more coverage on the sides for when the sun is not directly overhead
  • A mosquito net cover would have been a really nice addition!
  • November 20, 2023
  • Katherine B Raddl Verified
Child Comfort
Stroller Fold/Unfold
Product Features
Product Functionality
Product Quality

Decent for a travel stroller, but has some major flaws!

This thing folds up SO small and I LOVE it. We purchased it initially for airline travel, but it is slowly replacing my regular daily stroller due to the amount of space it leaves me in the car! My daughter seems to enjoy it and it reclines so easy for her.

Also, honestly surprised by how much can fit in the basket underneath!! I am used to my UppaBaby Vista that could fit anything, but honestly impressed by how much I can stuff in this cart.

There is a learning curve for the folding and unfolding and it is a little counterintuitive, but after 4-5 uses I felt it was much easier. The handle in the middle of the seat makes it so easy to pick up, but the way it opens and closes is kinda a trick to keep the fabric parts off the ground. I will say the latch on the side does not do a great job of keeping the stroller closed tightly. It would come undone often in the car and then be a pain to take out if I didn’t notice it.

The stroller has a ton of customizable features that were easy to adjust. I like the height of the handlebar really low where as my husband likes it high and it is so easy to switch back and forth.

As we have not flown with it, I will be interested to see how it does for travel. All in all I think it is a good buy. I think it’s super comfortable and luxurious for my daughter, but does have some small improvements that can be done on the folding and unfolding. I will be purchasing the travel bag for this and it may make it a little more easy to move around.

*** Updated to add** After the 10th or so use, we noticed one of the front wheels is EXTREMELY loud and is constantly squeaking. It wasn’t ever taken “off road” and I attempted some WD40 in the wheel to see if it helped, no luck, but it could just be something stuck in there.

*** Updated after flying **** I was ready to leave this guy at the airport more than once.

  1. It is not easy to fold one handed while holding a child. You have to make sure the lap bar is up before you fold it and for it to get fully latched you have to make sure the front wheels are in the correct position.
  2. Cup holder? Not even worth it. This thing kept getting knocked off, lost it more than once in the airport.
  3. Bag? I did additionally purchase the bag that comes with this stroller, great, to protect it. Well. You better not be trying to solo fly if you care about it being in a bag. It requires both hands and the right angle to get it in.
  4. Ease of use, overall embarrassing. Cannot easily open with one hand or close with one hand which to me is CRUCIAL when traveling, especially alone. This trip was with my husband, but there was more than once we had to both have hands on the stroller and my daughter. I think I would fork over the money for an easier to use travel stroller before purchasing this one again.
  5. Maneuvering through the airport was generally easy and overall a pretty smooth ride.
  • August 20, 2023
  • Amy K Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Child Comfort
Stroller Fold/Unfold
Product Features
Product Functionality
Product Quality

Will get the job done, but fold/unfold isn’t great

I got the  Metro+ Deluxe to use as a travel stroller, and quick errands. Overall it’s a pretty nice stroller, but the fold/unfold is not as easy as the videos show.


  • the adjustable handlebar – I’m tall so it’s nice to have something that works for my height
  • the recline of the seat – easy to do, and great for travel naps on the go
  • the comfort of the seat – the baby looks comfy in there!
  • leather handlebar and belly bar
  • decent sized basket
  • adjustable foot rest – will be great as baby grows


  • Fold/unfold – I’m hoping that over time it get’s better, but it by no means can be done one handed… it’s two-handed, multi-step, trying not to scratch on the ground. The front two wheels don’t pop out and lock easily (not sure if it’s a defect?) so it takes manually locking each joint point in place
  • the sound of the canopy expanding – it’s so loud, it’s an obnoxious clicking noise… not good if baby is sleeping
  • August 31, 2023
  • Rachel P Raddl Verified
  • Recommended
Product Features
Product Functionality
Product Quality
Child Comfort
Stroller Fold/Unfold

Nice stroller with good features but could use a more robust build for the price

This review is based on a hands-on comparison of the Metro+ Deluxe with Bugaboo Butterfly (which we also pwn) as well as reviews of several other compact travel strollers (we have 3 children).


The seat and foot rest, padding and material are quite luxurious. Very comfortable for a small child. 

The fact that the foot rest locks into position, while being raised up without having to push buttons is quite convenient.

The brake mechanism is very simple and easy to use.

The seat came to a more upright position than many other compact travel strollers, including Bugaboo butterfly, which is nice, if your child does not want to be reclined all the time. So, plus one to this.

The handle’s ability to change heights is very convenient for shorter people, which Bugaboo butterfly does not have. So, plus one to this as well.

The buckle being a five point harness, but only having two connections is very nice; And worked well.

The rear wheels were larger than other compact travel strollers.

The built-in pouch on the back of the seat is very nice for storing parents’ phones, or other items. I personally love this to slide in my phone and van keys when going on a quick grocery store run. Also, the storage basket is so big that I could put about 5 boxes of fruits in there. Major like!!

The included cup holder attachment was a big plus. In the so-called high-end strollers, this is an additional purchase.

The seat reclined all the way flat. This is awesome as my little one like to lay flat like on a crib than at even a very slight angle.


The connections feel fairly loose.

The bumper bar connections are very loose and it seems quite flimsy.

The cup holder, while nice, was very loose in its swivel connection, and seemed quite cheap.

The sun shade was very high above a normal small child’s head and felt very loose and flimsy in its construction and mechanism.

The fact that the handle bar can be pulled open without squeezing the unlock trigger is a pain. Someone might try to hold the stroller with the handle and it will suddenly open up.

When the stroller is collapsed, there is no easy way to stand it up, or lay it down, and if you lay it down, then the nice fabric of the seat and footrest get filthy.

When closing the stroller, the front wheels have to be turned just right for it to close all the way and latch. I found myself always having to manually reach down and turn the wheels by hand so that the unit would close all the way, which is very annoying.

The straps to raise and lower the seat, as well as on the buckle are way too long and do not contain well. You just have all of these long straps flopping around all over the place. 

Overall a nice stroller with good features but could use a more robust build for the price. 

****We received the stroller with one of the wheels very wobbly. We tried to switch it to another side and still seem to have the same issue of it making the entire push wobbly. Raddl reached out to the vendor on our behalf for a replacement. Hopefully they will honor our request for a replacement wheel.

Product Specs

Available Colors

Empire State Green, London Grey

Product Weight 18.1 lbs.
Product Dimensions 17.3 x 34.3 x 38.8 inches

Additional Info

Dimensions (folded) 17.3 x 21.3 x 9.8 inches
Child Age (min) Newborn (with Newborn Nest Mode)
Child Age (max) 4 years
Child Weight (max) 50 lbs.
Adjustable Handlebar 37.4 to 41.3 inches
Front Tire Size 5 inches
Rear Tire Size 7 inches
Compatible Car Seat Brands Cybex, Nuna, BeSafe, Maxi Cosi, Graco, Chicco (adapters sold separately)
Warranty 2 years
  • What updates have been added to Metro+ Deluxe from the Metro+?

    The Metro+ Deluxe includes upgraded premium materials such as premium quality fabrics selected for durability and luxurious appeal. From the woven-textured sunshade fabric, to the soft and plush seat, every inch of fabric was selected with you and baby in mind, an extendable Cargo basket that can accomodate 22% more storage than the Metro+ Basket, convenient accessories for everyday use: Vegan leather support bar, Generously sized Cup Holder, and a Weather Shield.

  • Metro+ Deluxe Stroller, fully assembled
    Cup Holder
    Weather Shield
    Leatherette Support Bar

  • The Metro+ Deluxe will fit in most overhead bins. Check with the airline's carry on guidelines to confirm.

  • The tires are made of polyurethane rubber and are not air-filled, so they are puncture resistant and never go flat.

  • Yes, the Metro+ Deluxe stroller uses a spring suspension system.

  • Yes, accessories for Metro+ are compatible for Metro+ Deluxe.

  • Ergobaby covers the stroller for manufacturers defects for 2 years.

  • Yes. Metro+ has a quick-release seat, so you can dock your car seat directly onto the Metro+ Car Seat adapters (sold separately, ). Currently we have two adapters: 1 that fits various Cybex®, Maxi Cosi®, BeSafe® & Nuna® Infant Car Seats), and 1 that fits various Graco® and Chicco® Car Seats.